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Let’s think, you have been given a data science problem in an unfamiliar domain, now you need to build a predictive model for a business problem in this domain. All the available enterprise domain data is ready for you to consume, not to mention that you can use data from external ecosystems as well. As a first step, you may want to use all available features and rely on data science techniques to tell you which features are useful and which are not. However, you may end up spending too much time in merging tables for creating those features (based…

As we are witnessing expansion of corona-virus pandemic across the world, businesses are running in to chaos. We all are experiencing such scale pandemic first time in our life time, no business would have planned earlier to deal with this kind of crisis. Here in this article I will be providing my thoughts on areas, which are going to see wide scale Machine Learning adaptation post this crisis :

1. Healthcare digitization & technological advancement :

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Lifelong learner. Love Maths, Data Science, Technology, Astrophysics, and Music. Opinions expressed are solely my own & don’t express the views of my employer.

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